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Director for Indie Adventure Short

Fighter Productions LLC • Colorado Springs, CO, USA


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  • Start Date
    Jun 24, 2024Aug 30, 2024
  • Location
    Colorado Springs, CO, USA (Travel Required)
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is CROWDFUNDED (please see posting. NO guaranteed rate of pay at this time. Negotiable based on crowdfunding)

Job Description

Indie adventure short seeking a director to join its collaborative team! 'INAPPROPRIATE', the flagship production of Fighter Productions, is a 15-minute adventure short film about a young biracial artist wrestling with life and her purpose in the world in the aftermath of her father’s death, making a last-ditch attempt to reconnect with his spirit. 'Inappropriate' has received multiple accolades, including holding the #1 adventure short listing on Coverfly’s Red List in 2023.

Our goal is to finish the film for a late summer premiere and usher in a wave of Independent Projects for our production company, Fighter Productions. Ultimately, we would love to take this film to the festival circuit. Additionally, we want to destigmatize the conversation around how we deal with grief and how we frame family and culture in our stories. Our mission is to use the art of storytelling to connect audiences and artists of disparate perspectives through this shared cord of humanity and return creative freedom to actor and audience. We are particularly passionate about sharing stories that connect to culture, adventure, and the human experience through it all. Please note, this film incorporates the writer’s own biracial Indigenous heritage and culture. While not a requirement, if you are Native, we highly encourage you to apply!

This job is FOR you if:
• You are a supremely creative thinker who gets the creative vision of a project and can collaborate effectively with measurable success.
• You are passionate about the subject material and want to be part of a scrappy, DIY production team.
• You have a great sense of humor (even under pressure) and a high code of ethics.
• You bring out the genuine best in actors and argue for the creative flourishing of the project without sacrificing the means to meet an end.
• You are able to work professionally and productively with individuals of diverse perspectives and views.
• You run a tight ship and are able to work within the boundaries of the budget.
• You value independent arts and entertainment.
• You are a highly effective communicator.
• You resonate with this statement: good stories are worth telling and it takes a team to share that impact.

The following qualifications are a MUST:
• Past directing experience (credit for unpaid, student, or volunteer work given)
• Comfortable directing a film that will include on camera hand-to-hand combat.
• Expert communicator via multiple channels and within a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment.
• Punctual and professional. Period.
• Reliable transportation.
• Deeply creative and able to share in the storytelling.
• A deep belief in the connection between artists and audience.

The following characteristics are NON-NEGOTIABLE:
• Mission focused and project oriented.
• Reliable, flexible, self-motivated.
• Unflappable in the face of change.
• Sense of purpose. You are a whole real person, not an automaton. We are not interested in working with a robot.
• Knows how to work with actors. No seriously. You bring out their best and you make the set a fun, creative place to explore. You give clear, actionable direction.
• Good listener: you are able to defend the artistic integrity of the work while also following through on deadlines and instruction from producer.
• Ability and confidence to ask for what you need. From actors. From production. You do not expect to be handheld.
• Respectful, confident problem solver.
• You keep post in mind (you direct in a way that post-production can amplify the work, not spend precious time going back and fixing things that were preventable.)

The following qualifications are a PLUS:
• Experience crowdfunding.
• Have directed fantasy (to include VFX)
• Ability to fill other crew positions with referrals. Ability to similarly make actor recommendations.
• Love The Princess Bride and regularly weave well-timed movie quotes into daily conversation. Witty, not obsessive.
• Understand the government realities of tribal dialogues.

This position will be funded on a CROWDFUNDING basis. Therefore, there is NO guarantee of pay. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE COMMITTING TO THIS! We believe in paying artists fairly as able and the payment received will be determined based upon available funds. We anticipate this project will include a 2-month (8-week) pre-production period (including the crowdfund campaign, and we are willing to do virtual work where feasible) and 3 day shoot that takes place in Colorado. Must be willing to work as a LOCAL HIRE.

To apply, please submit a personal cover letter, resume pdf, and and relevant demo reel links.

Thank you, and good luck! We look forward to your application.


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