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Anonymous Post • Boonville, CA, USA


  • Position
    Camera Operator
  • Start Date
    Oct 15, 2022Oct 15, 2022
  • Location
    Boonville, CA, USA
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is $4,000/Flat
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    Job has been filled

Job Description

Former LA-based Production Manager turned Product Manager (designing film production software) looking for a Wedding Videographer to film and edit a Documentary style video.

----- What am I looking for? -----
- I am getting married on October 15th, 2022, about 2 hours north of San Francisco.
- I am looking for a videographer (one man show or a 2-man team probably) to create a 5-10’ docu-style wedding video.
- Ideally, you have experience in the specific genre (docu-style wedding video) but at a minimum you have experience in the wedding space.

I know what filming costs and I’m not one to rope you into a “passion project”. I’m not expecting a whole crew to show up, or a truckload of gear. Just a dedicated, well prepared professional with a plan. The goal is to create a film that captures a real moment that we know we’ll want to rewatch every year.

----- How to apply -----
Please send me your relevant work if possible. If you have a copy/paste email for this type of job that’s fine, but feel free to add at the top. I won’t consider that less professional. Time is precious.

If your costs are more than twice my budget, I’m sorry but I can’t swing it, no matter how good you are.

----- Budget / Delivery -----
- Ideal budget is $4,000, edit included. I will consider an overage based on what’s offered.
- I’d want a rough cut followed by at least 2 revisions. No harsh deadlines for delivery but needs to remain reasonable.
- I also want a copy of the raw footage. If you want to sign a contract that says you own it that’s fine. I’m not getting famous any day though!

If you’re interested in filming only, let me know. I can reach out to my old network in LA to work from your footage.

----- Services exchange available -----
I can also offer my services in exchange for a discount or to make up for additional costs. See bottom of post for more information.

----- Style Reference (with notes) -----
- Great hook. No slow mo, voice-over b-roll footage cheese in.
- Great overall pacing. The edit doesn’t try to hide transitions between scenes and yet the transitions are creative.
- Great choice of moments to capture and nice decision making with angles. Often it seems that wedding videos attempt to show every single guest instead of letting the important moments play out.
- Great framing. The operators are close enough to the action to make it intimate yet remember to pull back to capture the crowd once in a while (when it matters).
- Great balance between ambient sound and music added in post.
- No gratuitous b-roll to fill in gaps or create transitions. No shots from “behind the bushes” for some artistic reason.
- Confessionals/interviews with guests are interesting but unnecessary with the couple in our opinion.

----- Who I am and what I do -----
Sample work:

During the daytime, I work for an Entertainment Tech Company, designing and managing Film Production software. I am also an advanced spreadsheet user and have been hired to design production tools at various production companies, including both studios and small new media shops.

I can create a custom system to manage your operations and make your life easier. Maybe you’d like to create kit rental invoices easily, or manage your rentals, your staff...You dream it and I build it.

I’ve worked in Production offices and on Set for over 10 years ( I know most of the entertainment world's subtleties, which allows me to create tools that make sense in real life.

I like to use a no-code solution called Glide Apps to turn spreadsheets into fully fledged apps. I can build it and teach you how to make minor tweaks. This way the tool evolves with your needs over time. I recently used it to make a coffee ordering app for a friend’s small side-business. His crew loves it and he’s able to update it anytime they want, without my help.

I usually charge $50 per hour when working as a “Spreadsheet Consultant” (yes, it’s real! The time it takes to design something varies widely. It can take as little as a few hours and up to several days.

If you are interested but unsure, feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to schedule a call to answer some of your questions, and show you some solutions I’ve built or can build.

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