The Inheritance pre-launch interactive montage video



  • Position
    Camera Operator
  • Start Date
    Feb 19, 2024
  • Location
    NYC, NY, USA
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is fee + expenses to be agreed

Job Description

1. early-stage global multimedia startup The Inheritance (; 'TIC') seeks videographer(s) to go out into the street in a big city anywhere and lawfully film, each for 5-7 seconds, a series of not-boring 30 perfect strangers of diverse wealths, appearances, ages, colors, types, ethnicities, languages, nationalities, and send us the resulting video in return for a fee and expenses to be agreed

2. the videographer asks each filmee if happy to be filmed, and to respond spontaneously in any language (include some foreign language responses for color: TIC is a global project) to one of these questions:-
(1) "What does the word 'inheritance' mean to you?"
(2) "Are you interested in the subject of inheritance?"
(3) "Were there an internet inheritance channel on everything to do with inheritance, would you tune in?"

3. it would assist for the videographer to place somewhere in each shot something displaying TIC's logo eg on the microphone, a little flag, baseball cap, t-shirt. jpg to be supplied

4. video specs: mp4; 1080 HD (not 4k); 16:9; utube-compliant; color and or black-and-white; no special effects; nothing too creative but must be lively and colorful; clear sound; sound is on the mp4 file; pre-edited, ready to be thrown into a utube video (TIC will add the credits etc at each end); camera level with the face (camera not looking down or up; filmee not looking down or up); head+shoulders + some background; do not include the asking of the question; if response other than in english, we need an accurate translation. if the filmee talks for more than 7 seconds, s/he is cut off abruptly and on to the next filmee

5. the video is required asap. we will post it on TIC's utube channel and the TIC website. we will accredit the videographer

6. nothing illegal in your jurisdiction eg accosting, loitering, soliciting or anything that gets TIC into trouble for same

rj szrabe
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