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he knows you know

An extreme alcoholic living in isolation on the LA River hesitantly accepts help from an old musical acquaintance, but soon questions his motivation.

Alcoholism, Deception/Trust, Fatherhood (a lackthereof)

The film will be a very bleak tragedy, with a dream like quality. It will be black and white or highly desaturated with a slow pace and many long takes. There are several psychedelic/surreal sequences. There will be elaborate sound design to reflect the main characters mind state when in withdrawal or under the influence of substances. The opening 15 minutes and the climax of the film are free of dialogue. The amount of dialogue written was minimized in an effort to tell the story as visually as possible.

Brock Walker (23) isolates himself from the world. He lives in a tent on the LA river. He is an ex-musician and is constantly drinking. He is so dependent on alcoholic that if enough time passes without alcohol his withdrawal symptoms escalate to hallucinations. He has an injured leg that makes walking difficult. Once a week he steals and sells car parts and uses the money to stock up on alcohol and food so he can live another week in seclusion. He doesn't trust anyone, is quick to judge and has a violent nature. He is the victim of childhood abuse and another recent atrocity committed by his fellow man.

Mason (37) is living a life of seclusion in a small bungalow in the city of Los Angeles. Mason raised his baby brother Greg (who is now 18 years old). Recently Greg has left home (though we don’t know why) and this seems to be the reason Mason is depressed. Mason is in a band that was signed to a big label, but he has recently abandoned his band and all his friends. Mason spends his time in isolation, smoking weed and writing poetry. Although Mason has experienced some hardships in his life, he has a very positive and optimistic view of the world.

Brock and Mason are both living a life of seclusion. (read their character descriptions). One night their paths cross. It is revealed that they know each other from the past. Mason offers Brock a place to stay in his home but Brock aggressively resists. Mason continues to try to help Brock and get him off the street. Slowly and hesitantly Brock begins to accept Masons help. Mason continues to visit Brock down on the river, they drink and do drugs together and slowly form a strong friendship. Eventually Brock moves into Masons home and agrees to slowly wean off alcohol with Mason. As Brocks level of alcohol consumption drops, his mental state begins to deteriorate. Brock soon begins to think that Mason is the driver of the car in the hit and run incident that left Brock with a mangled leg and led to his homelessness.


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