Lou Bernal

Need Producer for Surreal WOC Short Film Drama

Lou Bernal • Los Angeles, CA, USA


  • Position
  • Start Date
    Dec 01, 2020
  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is Pay is TBD. Crowdfund page goes live this month.(Have 15% of budget already)
  • Status
    Job has been filled

Job Description

Surreal kinetic drama needs a tactical, tactful, creative Producer with grounded sensibilities and to see beyond what is seen – with knowledge/execution to put together insurance, paperwork, permits, etc.
We will need to get this short funded so the project can be executed in the highest proficient manner. We run a smooth, clean, efficient set. “Let’s do it/all out” attitude. I have a small marketing team for ‘Estra Love’ and looking for a producer to push our project to reach an audience.

Estra Love is a surreal exploration on the exposure and condition of human identity and spirit. Set with moments of light-heartedness and brokenness, Estra(Latina) navigates her next steps of life through conflicting worlds. Estra, in blurred lines, sits and smokes a cigarette. Playing the piano doesn’t help. Her friend Joy, does all she can to ease her mind through card games. Estra’s voices attack her like shards of glass. Her reflections are not who she is. She is lost in a dark, foggy, room – trapped in the recesses of her mind. The ocean waves though are quite calming.
The story ‘Estra Love’ is an intense immersion into mental illness, self-care, awareness, and surrealism. Under all the cosmetics is love. How do we discover this love and have it come forth as a well that overflows.

I’m pushing big for this short film – hit the festival circuit leading up to the Academy. It will also be placed at educational institutions and various circuits.
As a writer/director and producer, I will be pulling double or triple duty to get this made. Once in production, I’ll be strictly in the directors role.

On board we have:
Myself(producer, writer, director)
Director(my partner)/wardrobe/casting
1st AD
Sound Mixer
Casting Director
Production Designer
Production Coordinator

Currently in casting.

Pay is TBD. The budget is very tight.We need to build a campaign to gain funding to make this project alive(only have 15% of budget mark). At the moment, it is a labor of love. This film has to get made!

Food/catering and copy of project provided.
Shoot dates TBD in L.A. County January 2021

Production states: “Once the team is assembled and lockdown/Covid-19 restrictions ease.”

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