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Community Profile
Customize a free profile and network with industry professionals.
Post or Apply to Unlimited Jobs
Post job listings or apply to open jobs. We don’t place limits on either.
Instant Job Alerts
Get priority notifications when a new job that matches your skill set is posted.
Customized Resume Folder
Save time applying to jobs by storing multiple resumes, covers, and samples.
Advanced Job Search
Refine job searches to pinpoint the exact jobs that you want.
Multiple Locations
Work in multiple cities? Receive more job alerts and appear in crew listings for up to three cities.
Featured Placement
Become top of mind by appearing above other job applicants and search results.
Featured Profile
An enhanced profile that makes you stand out and showcase 3 of your credits.
See Who's Viewed Your Profile
Know when employers are looking at your profile so you can follow up.
Featured Credits
Showcase your profile’s most impressive credits and make a great impression.
Unlimited Messaging
Reach out to other ProductionBeast members and potential employers.
White Glove Support
Quicker support timeframes and priority help when you need us most.
Featured Company Profile
Drive more business with a business profile. Show direct contact details, reviews, credits, past clients, and more.
Featured Company Placement
Target the production professionals that match your services, and we’ll promote your business to them.
Lead Generation
We'll let you know who's interested in your company and give you the tools to quickly follow up with all potential leads.
Profile Analytics
Powerful analytics dashboard tracks when potential clients view your profile so you know exactly when to get in touch.
Team Collaboration
Invite teammates to your account so they can help drive more business.
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