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'The Long Fall - A Revenge Ghost Story'

Saxon House Studios • Atlanta, GA, USA


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  • Start Date
    Nov 13, 2021
  • Location
    Atlanta, GA, USA (Travel Required)
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    This is a paid position. Rate is $100 - $200 per day

Job Description


After the tragic death of his wife Olivia, all Mark wants is to move on with his new fling, Karly.

But Mark isn't so innocent and Olivia has other plans.

Mark needs to feel what she felt, and the one he cares for needs to suffer as she did.


I'm a first-time producer looking for a small crew to shoot my first short horror film. I'm looking to speak with a director with experience who can guide the project and recommend the rest of the crew needed. The short will be about 15 minutes in length and will require both practical and CGI effects, should take no longer than three days to shoot as locations are kept to a minimum: 2 different interior apartments, 1 exterior scene inside a car, and 1 exterior scene outdoors near a body of water.

Looking to hire within driving distance of Atlanta.



The faint white glow of a PC illuminates MARK (35, tall, scraggly but athletic) as he sleeps on his side facing us.

The air suddenly turns heavy, Mark gets restless as he feels the damp chill saturating the room.

He tosses and turns and with one shift of the blanket, we see the BLACK SILHOUETTE looming behind him, LIMBS ASKEW and FLESH CLEARLY MANGLED. It lurches forward with SQUISHING soggy footstep, moving like it's underwater.

Another lurching SQUISH... and another... like it's learning how to walk for the first time, or perhaps trying to keep its balance on a ship in rough waters.

The air is freezing, Mark shivers. He's awake now but trying to hide it.

It lurches to the bed, pausing at the edge. With a sicknenly graceful flop backwards, it floats down in slow motion onto the bed and OUT OF SIGHT.

Mark reluctantly opens his eyes. He's terrified and it's so cold we can see his breath.

He reaches behind himself, pawing at the bed and his eyes go wide when he realizes... He can feel it...

Something is in the bed with him.

He pulls his hand--now wet--back towards him. Looking down, he pushes his hand on the mattress and it's soaking wet.

He slowly rolls over onto his back and snaps his eyes shut... The air gets tighter and now he can hear it...

A growing gasping fills the room, quietly at first but builds rapidly. He creeps his eyes open...

The gasping becomes a violent, bubbling GURGLING. As if compelled, he twists his head to face the sound.

He locks eyes with it for a second, letting out a pitiful crying whimper before screaming.


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