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Digital Video Post-Production Specialist (Job 8572)

Case Western Reserve University • Cleveland, OH, USA


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    Online Editor
  • Start Date
    Nov 01, 2021
  • Location
    Cleveland, OH, USA
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    This is a paid position. Rate is Full time, $36,000+ Based on Experience
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    Job has been filled

Job Description


Working under minimal supervision, the Digital Video Post-Production Specialist provides operational and technical support as a member of a production team. Responsible for video production elements and components that support online learning video production and initiatives, the news and promotion of the university, its business units and related events. Responsibilities include editing video/audio of events, recorded educational content, motion graphics creation, 3D animation, creative writing, scheduling multiple projects, finish editing and may include managing project scope and project management. Assist with directing creative support personnel including photographers, writers, and videographers. This position requires a keen ability to work with business and academic clients/departments to organize complex source materials into integrated, coherent video and media pieces as defined by client request and creative and brand standards and provide critical and constructive feedback to client direction and vision in line with best online learning practices.

Essential Functions
Provide event and narrative editing and mastering with Apple Final Cut Pro X, transcoding and encoding audio and video. Translate loose client ideas into fully formed projects and video production elements through editing materials captured and available in the Digital Asset Management system. Mastering includes quality control, animation consistency, audio sweetening, color correction for the video and between elements in the same project and mastering to the appropriate digital standards. (33%)
Create advanced motion graphics creation using Adobe After Effects and bring in integration of 3D modeling and animation. Create mid-range and high-end graphics for online course materials and other projects. Work with minimal input and supervision to create project appropriate graphics from client direction. Work with clients to ensure that their directions and the end product are in-line with best practices for online learning. Mastery of visual communications techniques and accessibility requirements required, and ability to create compelling and engaging elements that communicate clearly complex ideas and concepts essential. (33%)
Provide other necessary post-production services including CD ROM and DVD and/or multimedia services, on-line services and video conferencing, stock video inventory, assist in the evaluation of project proposals; supervise and train classified and contract staff; schedule equipment and resources. (8%)
Nonessential Functions
Manage digital media data coming in from multiple shooters in various formats. Monitor storage on servers, ensuring adequate storage and performance. Maintain software and hardware for digital media acquisition, player and editor servers. Create physical backups of stored content on servers and be responsible for keeping records of all content available for viewing. Ensures content tracked for billing and quality control purposes. (4%)
Supervise contractors, freelance operators, interns and/or students as assigned. Provide technical and operational training of part-time and student employees who may be employed to assist in running daily functions. (3%)
Consult with university administration, faculty, staff, meeting planners and students to discuss and coordinate delivery of recorded courses, meetings or other special events. (3%)
Recommend various policies and procedures regarding system features, etc. Includes undertaking activities to identify facts and develop ideas, designs or processes, preparation of progress reports to supervisors and senior management, etc. Coordinate and monitor implementation and provide feedback to management regarding problems which affect the operation and/or customer service objectives. (3%)
Ensure the coordination of activities with other units, other university departments and external clients as required. (3%)
Participate in training programs as required. (2%)
Ensure the security and maintenance of departmental tools, equipment and service vehicles. Keep work area in a neat and orderly fashion, including equipment storage, vehicles, office work and communal areas (2%)
Assist in the coordination and determination of new equipment purchases. Participate in software evaluation, use and procurement. Notify all affected personnel of system changes. (2%)
Provide equipment, system and/or operational training for faculty and staff who may be using various multimedia facilities. (2%)
Advise supervisor of existing problems or situations that affect (or could affect) daily operations or project delivery. (1%)
Perform other duties as assigned. (1%)

Department: Occasional contact with vice president and/or directors regarding production and project work; Weekly contact with supervisor regarding project coordination and production scheduling; Daily contact with team leader to discuss task assignment and supervision.

University: Occasional contact with administration regarding production and project work; Daily contact with faculty and staff to discuss production and project work.

External: Weekly contact with outside companies and/or meeting planners as required; Weekly contact with contractors to project needs, production schedule, and deliverables.

Students: Daily contact with student employees to provide post production supervision; Daily contact with students to discuss project work and/or event coordination, setup and operation.


May supervise contractors, freelance operators, interns and/or students.


Experience: 5 years of experience in a professional media business with an emphasis on post production environment: organizing and scheduling project deliverables; working within an established budget for the post production department and maintaining record of expenses, time, personnel, facilities, and rights for final project report; applying the fairness doctrine, copyright and related media guidelines to media and television production issues; operating professional computer-controlled video and media editing systems, studio and occasional field production equipment.

Education/Licensing: Bachelor's degree in Media communications, television/radio productions or electronic engineering technology or related field. Must possess a valid State of Ohio driver’s license, a good driving record.

Required Skills
Strong knowledge of motion graphics techniques, animation principles and graphic design skills. Extensive experience in Adobe After Effects or equivalent program creating elements following brand guidelines and project direction.
Mastery of visual communications techniques and accessibility requirements.
Strong knowledge of 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and animation. Experience using 3D space, camera movements and models including the ability to translate ideas into clear visual materials and communications. Strong process understanding with rendering for finishing in After Effects for use in final programs and as finished deliverables.
Strong knowledge of editing fundamentals to determine content and format of video productions; duplicate and insert program segments. Experience editing in Apple’s Final Cut Pro post-production environment, including the ability to translate ideas into clear visual materials and communications and determine creative style or treatment of the aural and visual components of a production.
Strong attention to detail in finishing programs, including maintaining consistent color correction across multiple deliverables in the same projects, graphic consistency from multiple sources, spelling correction, fit with educational materials, animation consistency, and adherence to project goals.
Good knowledge of broadcast rules, regulations, guidelines, production, related equipment and technical standards; supervisory practices and principles; and communication skills (oral and written).
Good knowledge of scene direction and coordination of camera operators in the blocking, composition and sequence of shots; for laying out scenes in 2D and 3D animations.
Good knowledge of character rigging and animation. Using different templates, techniques and characters to drive narrative and expository communications.
Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office products: Word and Excel.
Ability to interface computer systems with modern audio visual equipment, including familiarity and experience with the installation and operation of audio, video, projection and data projection equipment.
Strong organizational skills.
Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and to set and meet realistic deadlines, forecast changes and communicate current and projected issues including the ability to recognize the importance of certain tasks and responsibilities and the ability to prioritize to ensure that deadlines are met.
Ability to understand and execute complicated technical standards and practices requiring accuracy in review as it relates to verification, processing, preparation and updating of various documents and information while keeping consistent with organizational policies and procedures.
Ability to develop in-depth understanding of client needs in order to deliver appropriate content needed for the communication.
The ability to consider how different audiences are likely to respond and choose the best method of communicating the message to each audience.
Ability to work well in a team environment, including the ability to actively listen, responsive to verbal and non-verbal clues from both team members and clients.
Ability to respond to difficult, stressful or sensitive interpersonal situations in ways that reduce or minimize potential conflict and maintain good working relationships among internal and external customers. Ability to recognize awkward or potentially embarrassing situations, which sometimes arise. Always aware of tone and careful choice of words, while at the same time ensuring that the intended message is clear, polite and readily understood.
Consistently models high standards of honesty, integrity, trust, openness and respect for the individual. Ability to interact with colleagues, supervisors, and customers face to face. Embraces diversity.
Experience working with diverse populations and willingness to support a community commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Ability to work effectively at all levels within an organization.
Ability to be flexible in order to meet the constant changing scope and needs of the department, division and customers being served.
Ability to meet consistent attendance.
Ability to use various power tools (e.g. drills, circular saws, jigsaws etc.).

Due to the demanding nature of providing video production services to a university campus, the position may be required to work flexible hours and change shifts during peak times of the year. Overtime is mandatory and extensive, averaging 10 hours per week.

This position has times of higher than normal working pressure due to tight deadlines and interaction with all levels of administration, faculty, staff, parents, students, and contractors. There are periods of high stress situations such as meeting project deadlines, the video recording and editing of special events; and at the beginning of and end of the academic year. The employee may be required to attend University events, meetings and functions outside normal working hours including weekends.

As a function of their normal job responsibilities, [U]Tech Digital Media personnel are required to carry a cellular phone during and after their normal work hours, including weekends.

From time to time, delivery and set up of equipment will involve working in all buildings on campus, including residence halls, office buildings, medical buildings, classroom and lab facilities.

Case Western Reserve University prohibits the use of tobacco products on any property owned, leased or rented by the university. Please see the CWRU Tobacco Free policy for more information.

As a function of their normal job responsibilities, [U]Tech Digital Media personnel are required to operate service vehicles. At times this position will require driving university owned and/or their personal vehicles.

From time to time, this position requires working in all buildings and areas on campus, including medical and science buildings and labs where occasional exposure is possible. This position will be using, or may be potentially exposed to animals, blood borne pathogens, general chemicals, and radioactive materials.

Because of the need to prepare and deploy various equipment for each project, this position requires ability to lift up to 45 lbs., a reasonable amount of physical ability and agility, in which job tasks may involve climbing ladders, maneuvering through tunnels, attics and other physically hard to reach locations, and carrying equipment and tools.

As a function of their normal job responsibilities, [U]Tech Digital Media personnel must supply their own hand tools (e.g., screwdrivers, hammers, tape measures, pliers, wrenches, nut drivers, etc.). Carrying cases, special cable tools, and/or power tools will be made available to the employee, by [U]Tech, on a sign out basis.

As a function of their normal job responsibilities, [U]Tech Digital Media personnel are active in all areas of the campus regardless of time of day or weather conditions. Due to the number of high profile and formal events, which require an operator, the position occasionally requires appropriate clothing. The individual must therefore maintain an appropriate wardrobe for these events.

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