Nitey Nite-Mare Productions

Co-Director for Kesha's Supernatural Music Video

Nitey Nite-Mare Productions • Massachusetts, USA


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  • Start Date
    Aug 31, 2022Oct 31, 2022
  • Location
    Massachusetts, USA
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is Negotiable Depending on Experience

Job Description

Kesha's Supernatural was released with the rest of the 2012 Album known as Warrior. It has never received a Music Video until now. The Visions for the 9 minute 45 Second music Video is as follows: taking place in a Haunted Castle with a Graveyard and within the Ideas of a Supernatural Concept. The First part leads you through the Castle with a Haunted Spirit Guiding you while telling the stories about the castle and why it's haunted. As the spirit corners you into a Corridor with a Dead where the Spirit's eyes began to glow a turquoise blue Tone and they release a Surge of Supernatural Energy Pushing you into a Gothic Chamber where Infected Spirits Began Flying around you and have a Good Time terrorising you while feasting on the flesh of their victims and one of the spirits leading you out into the Graveyard, where a This Is It Thriller 3D-esque Vibe is played out. The second part begins with an Extended Version of the Song remixed by myself leading you into the Graveyard (This Extended version is played throughout the sequence) where you can see a Wolf Howling in the beginning, Bats Flying around the cemetery, zombies Crawling out of Their graves, a Zombified Werewolf Lunging at your throat, and after you make it past the werewolf a Jump-scare finale ends the music video, and I need a Co-Director who can help visualize the Music Video. Production begins around Mid-Late 2022 and The Co-Director gets paid depending on Experience and will be located in a Massachusetts Sound Stage.


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