Eddie Goines and Friends Inc

Art Dept for Ali indie film

Eddie Goines and Friends Inc • Los Angeles, CA, USA


  • Position
    Production Designer
  • Start Date
    Jun 25, 2020Sep 01, 2020
  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is $300/day for 10 day shoot

Job Description

"It's 1978. The once perfect speciman with the gifted tongue, Muhammad Ali, now moves slower, talks slower and often mumbles. He feigns indifference publicly but whispers of his slow demise ring loud. After losing his title to an unheralded Leon Spinks, Ali must find a way to defeat both Spinks and nature's cruel fate."

Set/Production designer- The film is a period piece on a low budget film in a majority of black owned locations in 1978. So thorough research will be necessary. There also are a few abstract like scenes that truly allow for you to display your artistic imprint on those particular scenes. Unfortunately we're working with a $50,000 budget. But we have a great script, a producer who had a short in Sundance 2 years ago (searching for one more accomplished producer), a tremendous assistant director and a load of extremely talented, experienced actors. After hiring you or simultaneously we are putting a huge emphasis on hiring a great cinematographer. Again we have budgeted $300/day for you on a 10 day shoot. There's also a $2000 budget for the set design department.

Please submit your resume, examples of your work and perhaps a little about you. Assembling a team/crew of passionate artists who are or continue to seek to master their craft. Thrilled to be making my first feature film on the great Muhammad Ali. My innovative writing style brings a new flavor to this story, and to filmmaking as a whole.

*To give you an idea of the type of work that I do, I've posted my previous work. These are all essentially no budget projects with no set designer etc. **Oh, again with the state of things right now, our thoughts are that about 2 months after people are allowed to go into production again we would get started.

12 Days of Christmas: (Played on tv all over the country for the holiday season. Bare bones project. Technical issues but cool story) $350 budget. Won Best Writer. TRT: 10:45

ALI SPEAKS! $76 budget. Honored at Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards. TRT: 6:10

Blood Divided: A Family Debate Accepted into multiple Academy Nominated Film Festivals ($2000 budget). TRT: 15:06 Password: family

ADDICTION (Mature) - Performance Piece (One man performance but very, very well received. More insight into my writing ability) Performance begins at :53 seconds.


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