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The Color red

Harmon Ford Films • NYC, NY, USA


  • Position
    Sound Utility
  • Start Date
    Aug 02, 2020Aug 08, 2020
  • Location
    NYC, NY, USA
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is $300/Day 5 days

Job Description

The Color Red Production Crew

TCR Mission
“The Color Red” is an exploration of intersectionality and creating an open discourse on the existence of different dimensions of racism. This is a slice of life, intimate capture of two friends and their personal conflicts that arises during a global pandemic. The impetus of the film was sparked by real life current events - ie: COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter movement, miscegenation, anti-Asian sentiment, vandalism, etc. and the need to tell a unique story through our collective perspective. Our mission is to raise awareness & encourage dialogue on deep rooted racial issues and celebrate diversity and life.

Hopefully this captures the essence of the WHY we are creating this film.

The TCR Team

To learn more about us, stay up to date, follow our socials:
PLEASE VISIT Instagram | TwitterSound Utility
* Understand music playback and be able to set-up loop systems to actors.
* Make sure any noise around set is turned off or dampened – e.g. refrigerators, AC units, fans, etc. 
* Communicate with the camera assistants so you can jam the slates and lock-it boxes on the cameras with time code. 
* Be able to set up and break down insert car towing rigs quickly. 
* Be ready to pass out Comteks/IFBs to the director, script supervisor, and producers. Make sure all batteries are charged beforehand (and that walkies are charged as well, if that's part of your responsibility). 
* Set up loop systems, dampen noise, and make sure everything is charged


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