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    May 05, 2020
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    Canada (Travel Required)
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AbandonWitch (Feature Film) - Brief
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Horror, Supernatural

Professor Taian Russo returns artifacts from a mysterious island transporting ghostly Heather, a 17th century Scottish woman accused of witchcraft. Now flowers will bleed before they bloom.

Anthropology Professor Taian Russo discovers artifacts that link him with a tormented Scottish-Jacobite soul called Heather who was exiled to an isolated island after being accused of witchcraft and discovery of her illicit relations with a Scottish nobleman.
Taian unknowingly transports Heather's resentful spirit with him. She takes deadly possession of the artifacts but assists Taian to solve her mystery as he contends with rigid institutional constraints and an ownership power struggle.
Taian returns the artifacts and finds Heather's remains enabling her to finally cross into
the after-world. AbandonWitch is a story of revenge, love, and inspires the mystery of historical folklore narratives.
AbandonWitch MoodBoard (Pinterest):

Feedback from Coverfly:
This is a very intriguing, moody story with a lot of effectively haunting scenes. I had never heard of the legend of the "lady of the heather" before and it was refreshing to read a screenplay based off of a lesser known (outside of New Zealand apparently) story, rather than yet another adaptation of Dracula, Lovecraft, etc.
Heather was a particularly well-drawn empathetic yet tragic character and the opening scenes (Heather killing herself, and Taian's first encounter with her ghost in the sod hut) are especially gripping scenes. She is the emotional core of the whole story.
The screenplay is filled with lots of great visual imagery that is easy to picture and would look great onscreen. The heathers growing out of Heather's eyes is a great spooky image. (It would look TERRIFIC on the marquee poster! Lol)
The finale was surprisingly moving and well realized. I was expecting a dramatic final showdown with the ghost of Heather, but the quiet resolution of the story is more fitting and satisfying resolution.
I must admit, when I first began reading this, I was expecting it to be a standard "Nightmare on Elm Street" type movie with EVIL Heather stalking and killing people. I was pleasantly surprised that the story turned out to be a lot more depth and not at all what I expected. It was melancholy and bittersweet in a good way. It's more of a romantic ghost story than a "horror" story.
Overall, "AbandonWitch" is an engaging and atmospheric psychological thriller that I could see measuring up well in comparison to other similar moody atmospheric supernatural films of the past decade, such as "the Babadook", "the Witch" or "It Follows." I can see it becoming a sleeper hit or a cult favourite film of discerning horror movie buffs.

Los Angeles FEEDBACK Film & Screenplay Festival 2020 (Semi Finalist)
FEEDBACK First Scene & Short Film Screenplay Festival 2020 (Semi Finalist)


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