Noah Boyd

Film Director for Live-Action Film

Noah Boyd • United States


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    Jan 01, 2021Jan 01, 2022
  • Location
    United States (Travel Required)
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    This is a paid position. Rate is Negotiable
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    Job has been filled

Job Description

Hello. I am Noah Boyd, An 18 Year old High Functioning Autistic Man On A Mission to create the Most Amazing film ever. Taking ideas from the Mummy, I decided to Create the Most Technologically Advanced film in all of history. So, In an Ideal Effort to Make this a Blockbuster Hit. I can use a Little Help from Co-Directors A Script needs to be Polished in order to Be APPROVED by Me, which can Take Many Drafts depending On My Satisfactory. from the Script, We will be Able to work on the plot. I have plans to have this film Take Place In Europe. My Dream Cast includes Mackenzie Astin (Iron Will, Facts of Life, Garbage Pail Kids, The Orville), who will play The Main Character: Vincent Fredriksson, A British explorer and his Brother played by Jared Padalecki (William Fredriksson). The 2 Brothers are on a Mission to Seek The Treasure; The Fortune of the Late Lord Nardor, Ruler of the Dismal Realm, before a Monstrous Creature can tear Their Flesh Apart.

This Film Is Based on a Nasu Highland Park Dark Ride called: Dark Castle.

If interested, Contact me and provide me with your Reel, Personal Info, Business Info, Email, and Phone.

Thank you

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