Noah James Boyd

Stop motion animation crew for Upcoming PG-13-Rated Stop motion animated film

Noah James Boyd • United States


  • Position
    Stop Motion Animator
  • Start Date
    Jan 01, 2022Oct 26, 2024
  • Location
    United States (Travel Required)
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is Negotiable

Job Description

Hello. I am working on a PG-13 Rated Stop motion Animated and i need a Full on Crew to help me create the film, which takes films like Paranorman, Van Helsing, And Tomb Raider's plots and combines them into one. Taking place in the Town of Jasper, Alberta, in Canada, A Young explorer and Demon hunter is out on a Mission to seek the treasure within the Saw-Toothed cave; The Fortune of the Late Lord Jasper Hawes: Ruler of the Dismal Realm. But Challenges come face to face with the Explorer including going face to face with A Ghost Wolf, Known only as The Inner Monster.

In the film, there will be a Cast Of Characters including our Main Character. This is the Largest Stop motion film on the Largest Budget ever. And there will be challenges.

The rate is negotiable and will focus on getting people from the following departments:
1. development (Art, design, screenwriting)
2. Casting
3. Pre-Production
4. Post-Production
5. production
6. animation
7. Audio/Music
8. Special Effects
9. Visual Effects
10. Stop Motion Puppet-Making


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