Executive Producers for 'The Places Between'

Anonymous Post • California, USA


  • Position
    Executive Producer
  • Start Date
    Oct 22, 2019
  • Location
    California, USA (Travel Required)
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is $68,000,000
  • Status
    Job has been filled

Job Description

I'm looking for three executive producers to executive produce the feature length coming of age ensemble drama film in the style of the 80's classic film 'The Big Chill' set in the UK.

The title of this film will be called 'The Places Between'.

This story interests me and it reminds of the 80's classic film 'The Big Chill'. It came to me once I saw the plot of that film and I thought it would be a great idea for you to make an coming of age ensemble drama for a modern 21st century audience.

The plot goes like this:

Shortly after their friend Victor died in a car crash on his way home from a football match one night a group of his twelve university friends Charlie, Stuart, Matt, Oliver, Will, Derek, Amanda, Cheryl, Nadine, Lesley, Jane and Sarah get together for his funeral and shortly afterwards they go to the Lake District to scatter Victor's ashes from the cliff into the beautiful sea.
After that they go to the rented country house where they stay for the extended period of time and they had to face the future and to share their thoughts without Victor.

What do you think?

Audiences around the world will have to see the film and see what do they think and to see if it's good or not.

No wedding and no pregnancy in this film. There's going to be one death in this film and it has to be Victor.

This film will go out to the screenwriters and producers immediately and I would like you to hire one of these screenwriters to write the script and two of these producers to produce the film.

Once the script is done I would like the producers to do the rest by hiring the cast and crew etc.

The running time of this film would be 191 minutes and that would be enough.

This film will shoot on location in the UK including the Lake District starting from Monday May 18th 2020.

The budget of this film will be $68 million.

There will be no opening logos, credits and the title at the beginning. Title, credits and logos will appear in the end.

This film will be released on Christmas Day 2020 in time for Oscar buzz.

Please apply if you are interested.

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