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  • Position
    1st Assistant Director
  • Start Date
    Feb 05, 2017
  • Location
    College Park, MD, United States
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is Negotiable with the right person.
  • Status
    Job has been filled

Job Description

Overall Responsibilities:
The 1st AD is directly responsible to, and assists the Director in
the performance of administrative and production directorial
duties, and implements the Director’s vision, and the cast and
crew policies of the film company. The 1st AD may also perform
the function of Producer’s representative. The 1st AD will also
work in close cooperation with the Production Manager (PM)
and may assist him/her in the performance of certain production
The 1st AD is the on-set-expediter and is responsible for
maintaining optimum coordination among the actors and crew,
and department heads and their workers, in order to sustain the
production pace, efficiency, and highest quality work as
required by the Director’s vision, the script, and the shooting
schedule as set by the Director. The 1st AD is employed on all
feature productions and on productions where the Director
requires the services of a 1st AD, and for a sufficient period in
order to satisfactorily carry out pre-production, production,
and post-production responsibilities.

1. Learning to use the production software.
2. Reading and annotating the script to determine the most efficient and effective means of planning the production schedule as
set by the Director.
3. Timing out the script scene-by-scene, and estimating the final footage.
4. Preparing a script breakdown using the production software.
5. Listing of Leading, Supporting and Regular cast members (actors speaking 6 or more lines), Bit Players (actors speaking 5 or
less lines) and Background Artists (extras, non-speaking actors), and their probable requirements in each scene.
6. Acquiring a thorough knowledge and understanding of the agreements and contracts the company, 3 Angel Media, has for it’s
actors, it’s crew, it’s vendors, and any other individuals employed for the production or the company.
7. Performing duties for the Director in audition and rehearsal sessions.

Duties During PRODUCTION:
1. Coordinating cast, crew and things, to conform to the day-to-day shooting schedule, as prepared and approved by the PM
(Production Manager), as closely as the production pace, weather, and cast and crew availability permit.
2. Roughing out the action of the actors, on paper or to the actors, preparatory to shooting the scene, if the Director so requests.
3. Overseeing and coordinating the arrangement of background and atmospheric action as the Director requests.
4. Assisting in the handling and direction of groups of cast members, bit players, backgrounds, stunt people, animal handlers, and
mechanical special effects technicians, green screen special effects scenes, in mob scenes, stunt scenes, battle scenes, and
stampede scenes.
5. Coordinating the activities of 2nd ADs (Second Assistant Directors), if any; and of 2nd 2nd ADs, if any.
6. Limiting the number of people riding in or on insert vehicles or towed camera platforms during rehearsals and shooting.
7. Overseeing mechanical special effects, pyrotechnics, working props and special wire-gag rigging, in liaison with the Director.
8. Cueing cast and crew, when authorized by the Director.
9. Handling and expediting organizational matters of the shooting for the Director.
10. After consulting with the Director, presenting the proposed shooting schedule for the following day to the PM for approval.
After approval, the 1st AD reproduces it, according to instructions of the director, and timely distributes it to staff, crew and actors.
11. Prior to each day’s shoot, preparing with the Director, from the following day’s shooting schedule, a personal sequential shot
12. Checking off each shot on the shot list when finalized.
13. Obtaining releases from people and property owners, whose person or property may appear in shots during shooting.
14. Signing employee’s, performers’, and steward’s time records, start slips, and reimbursement authorizations.
15. Authorizing overtime and hazard pay for cast and crew, and notifying the PM so that special insurance coverage can be put in
16. Making sure that everything and everybody needed during production will be on hand, in the right place at the right time and in
the proper condition for production purposes.
17. Seeing that only authorized people are on the set or in the shooting area during production.
18. Seeing that doors and sound making vents and air conditioning equipment in or near the shooting area are closed, secured or
turned off prior to the take, and then opened or reactivated during setup time, and after wrapping up for the location.
19. Checking with camera and sound personnel immediately preceding each take to make sure they are ready to function.
20. Requesting “Quiet on the set!” prior to giving the order to “Roll sound!” so the Director can call for “Action!”
21. Ensuring that production personnel do not attempt to do anything unsafe, or work under any unsafe condition(s), as specified
by the Building and Safety Code and fire laws, or in violation of any other safety regulation(s) and practice(s).
22. Ensuring that only essential personnel are aboard moving camera vehicles, and that all such personnel are certified, and
trained. If they are not, have the individual(s) move away from such vehicles. If they give you a questionable excuse, or ignore
you, immediately inform the Director, who will address the matter.
23. Assist the Director in the performance of directorial duties, in accordance with his instructions, and help as needed.

1. Completing all forms which need to be sent to the PM for final disposition and filing.
2. Carrying out other duties that may asked by the PM or the Director.

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