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Location Manager

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  • Position
    Location Manager
  • Start Date
    Feb 05, 2017
  • Location
    College Park, MD, United States (Travel Required)
  • Rate
    This is a paid position. Rate is Negotiable with the right person.
  • Status
    Job has been filled

Job Description

Overall Responsibilities:
The LM (Location Manager) is directly responsible to the Producer, Director and the Production Manager, and works in close cooperation with the 1st AD during shooting. handles everything that has to do with locations, .
The LM is the location expediter and is responsible for finding, securing and arranging for all the script’s locations, both interior and exterior, specific to the script and the Director’s vision, for shooting purposes. The LM serves as liaison between the site owners and production management, in order to facilitate pre-production scouting and the ensuing production process, and acquires locations in the most efficient manner possible, and for free, unless the particular location is valuable in some way to the production and cannot in any way be had for free. The LM is employed on all feature productions and on productions for which the Director requires the services of a LM, and for a sufficient period in order to satisfactorily carry out pre-production, production, and post-production responsibilities.

1. Reading the script entirely, to understand the storyline, it’s messages, it’s scope and impact, and how it will be pushed.
2. Noting (separately and on the proper forms) the geographical locations which are cited in the script, along with the time of year and day during which the action takes place.
3. Consulting with the decision group, -the Producer, the Director, the Production Manager, the Art Director/Production Designer, and the Director of Photography as to any parameters of choice or concern they might have regarding each location, such as geographical location, architectural style, physical dimensions, configuration of the desired shooting arrangements, etc.
4. Preparing for preliminary location scouting by researching appropriate publications and media pictorial files for potentially usable shooting sites, keeping in mind each locations particular needs according to the script and the Director’s vision, and the decided parameters of the other members of the decision group.
5. Planning preliminary scouting trips for the purpose of selecting several possible shooting sites which most closely satisfy the parameters set by the decision group.
6. Arranging the itinerary, transportation, food and lodging, as necessary, for all personnel involved in all scouting trips.
7. Leading the principle scouting group, which often consists of the Director, the Art Director/Production Designer, Director of Photography (DP) and the Production Manager, in all location scouts.
8. Each time a site is considered favorable to the needs of a script location, the owner is identified and contacted, and arrangements made with the owner for the site to be inspected further to establish it as an official shooting site.
9. Personally inspecting each proposed or potential shooting site, taking pertinent photos (east, west, north, south views of exterior and surroundings, each important side of the structure, and all walls utilized of the interior).
10. Preparing a planned layout drawing of the property and floor plan of the structures and areas to be used, indicating the location of doors, windows and skylights, practical electrical fixtures and outlets, and the main power supply terminal, noting the voltage and amperage available on the proper records/forms.
11. Noting all dimensions of the exterior and interior of those areas to be used and filmed or photographed, the polar orientation of the property, approximate time of sunrise and sunset at the time of year planned for production at each site, the area and seasonal weather and wind patterns, the distance to transportation terminals, medical facilities, parking, and food and lodging accommodations, and the designation, condition and traffic flow of roads connecting the location sites thereto.
12. Arranging all location data in appropriate order for presentation to the decision group for its collective consideration and selection of specific locations for the principle scouting group to inspect and affirm.
13. After the site is accepted by the decision group, arranging the LM and the Producer to meet with the owner for the signing of the Location Agreement.
14. Listing all conditions placed on the use of the property by the owner(s)/manager(s)/tenant(s) as well as any and all federal, state and/or local regulations concerning the use of public property, streets and walkways in the area.
15. Carrying out other duties that may asked by the Producer or the Production Manager.

Duties During PRODUCTION:
1. Promptly forwarding receipts for all authorized expenditures to the Production Manager.
2. Negotiating extensions for location rights when production shooting will not be completed within the agreed-to time period or when additional shooting will be required at a later date.
3. Carrying out other duties that may asked by the Producer or the Production Manager.

1. Upon completion of total production shooting, making sure that each location site has been returned to agreed-upon order and condition and, when refurbishing is completed, having each owner sign the Location Release.
2. Passing all executed documents to, and informing, the Production Manager that all locations have been closed and the owners settled with.
3. Seeing that any procurements and expenditures for post-production are sent to Production Accounting for recording and payment.
4. Making sure that all company property is accounted for, that all billing has been sent to Production Accounting for payment.
5. Carrying out other duties that may asked by the Producer or the Production Manager.

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